MCWCM Collection Investment

Investing in collectibles

Investing is a wise thing

With the global inflation rising and the interest rates still historically low, it is wise to invest your money. Put into stocks or bonds, it has at least the chance to retain its value for a longer time. These investments offer you a return at a certain risk. A low risk for bonds, a high risk for stocks. Investments like these will not offer you any additional benefits of ownership. Investing in real estate can offer space for your own activities or a steady revenue from rent. However, there are the costs of insurance and maintenance and the risk of no tenants. Besides, a piece of real estate is not easily saleable. 

Investing in collectibles; invaluable aesthetic revenue

Collectibles can be a very attractive diversification of your portfolio. Besides an interesting yield, in any case you receive an invaluable aesthetic revenue. MCWCM invests in stable and current collectibles, which are being marketed in the short, medium or long term.

Thorough expertise

MCWCM invests in markets of which it has thorough expertise. With the aim of maximum value development and saleability we tend to choose relatively taste-independent objects from proven makers, brands and models which are collected on a global scale. We pay most attention for originality, condition and provenance. 

Fine art and antiques

  • 20th century fine art
  • religious art
  • objets d'histoire

Vintage jewellery and timepieces

  • affordable, mid-range 
  • mechanical 
  • Japanese and Swiss brands

MCWCM offers 5 different services 

  • Sales of investment pieces 
  • Sales mediation of your collectibles 
  • Sourcing 
  • Research and advice 
  • The possibility to invest in MCWCM at an interesting rate