Omega Story

Omega is one of the cornerstone brands here at Metropolis Collection. They’re one of the best known Swiss watch manufacturers and for a good reason. Omega watches are innovative, accurate, of high quality and most importantly, endlessly inspiring. 

The story of Omega takes us back to 1848, where a young watchmaker named Louis Brandt opened a small workshop in the Swiss village of La Chaux-de-Fonds. It was here, in the family villa, that the 23-year-old Brandt began the company that was to become Omega. Sadly, Brandt passed away in 1879. Luckily he’d been able to inspire his two sons, Louis-Paul and César, through his own passions for watchmaking and precision. They moved the growing company to a larger building in the bustling town of Biel/Bienne, where they’re still situated to this day. 

The name Omega
In 1894, the Brandt brothers released their new caliber. This movement, called the 19-ligne caliber, combined winding and time-setting via the stem and crown and set the bar for watchmaking from then on. This new achievement was named ‘OMEGA’ by the brothers, signifying ultimate accomplishment. From the turn of the century, Omega was the largest manufacturer of finished watches in Switzerland. 

The Olympic Games
In the following years, Omega didn’t slow down. They produced one innovation after the other and delved into the world of tool watches: watches that were rugged, durable and had a purpose besides ‘simply’ telling the time. In 1932, Omega was the first watchmaker to ever time an entire Olympic Games. Using 30 chronographs, Omega was entrusted to time all disciplines in Los Angeles that year. Since then, Omega has gone on to be official timekeeper at almost all Olympic Games.

The first Watch on the Moon
Fast forward to 1965, where Omega was one of four watch brands invited to produce a wristwatch for NASA, whose space program was rapidly accelerating. The Omega Speedmaster Professional was the watch of NASA’s choice and became the first watch on the moon in that world-changing moment in 1969. After the Apollo 11, the Speedmaster became forever known as ‘the Moonwatch’.

Planet Omega
Today, the brand hasn’t stopped revolutionizing the wristwatch and still makes fantastic timepieces. Omega isn’t just the choice of refined Swiss gentlemen and astronauts anymore, but also of George Clooney’s, Prince William’s, that of Eddie Redmayne, James Bond of course and many, many more.